Stud Spacing And Framing Basement Walls

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Framing Basement Walls With Furring Strips

Framing basement walls – Renovation and construction of houses over the years I have seen all sorts of measurements of the distance stud in bearing and non-bearing walls. How far should we space the stud framing basement walls? Most plans will provide this information. If you have a plan of structural shear walls will tell you what size timber for use in the rest of plywood. The normal distance on the bearing wall will be 16 inches on center unless otherwise stated in the development plan.

It is the most common distance for the studs in the wall. How far we space framing basement walls? I have seen so far studs spaced 24 inches on center wall nonbearing. Over the years saw the building code books I have found this to be acceptable for most applications framing. Do not be confused by the wall nonbearing with structural shear walls because there is no sitting heavy in shear walls. Interior structural shear wall will require 16 inches on center distance or less. Depends on the structural engineers and your local building department.

What are the disadvantages of distance studs 24 inches on center? Use a half-inch drywall with 24 inches on center stud spacing to give the wall a week or spongy feel. I have been in homes that have 24 inches on center stud spacing and really be able to push framing basement walls and see it move. Using 5/8 drywall will solve this problem in your wall.

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