The Way To Build Basement Storage Shelves

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Unfinished Basement Storage Shelves

Basement storage shelves – Storage shelves to optimize the available space in your basement.  Use PVC to prevent the growth of mold on their shelf supports at ground level. Protect your feet from their shelves of water damage in parts of PVC equipping T-channel.

Make four piles of stuff in your basement. A pile is for things that should be elsewhere. Take the stack donation directly to your car and drive to the nearest shelter, thrift store or nonprofit organization and drop everything off the same day that sort. Sort broken items based on their ability to repair for less than it would cost to buy replacements. Make shelves 2 meters deep, which is above the reach of the average person. The basement storage shelves can be as wide as you want. Supports long shelves without buckle and shed their family treasures on the ground.

Vary the distance between the shelves so you can store high, wide or heavy items. When stacking items on the shelves, keep the heavier items at the bottom and work your way up. Distribute the weight as evenly as possible between different basement storage shelves. Check walls to ensure that there are no supply lines passing through where will anchor their cabinets. Anchor bookcases to the wall by drilling into it with a bit of masonry, then install the bolts Molly.

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