Tiffany Lamp Shade Identification

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Awesome Tiffany Lamp Shade

An authentic Tiffany lamp shade is a collector’s dream. There are not many in circulation, but the mass reproductions are plentiful. An authentic Tiffany lamp can be worth $ 10,000 to $ 1 million or $ 2 million. Tiffany lampshade identification is best left to professionals. 

Many people think they can tell authentic Tiffany lamp shade. With markings on the bottom metal rim that bears its signature. But many original does not have a label or it is impossible to find. Tiffany expert Arlie Sulka of Lillian Nassau Ltd says never trust marks are too easy to fake.

Color Clues

The Tiffany used copper foil for soldering glass pieces together. To strengthen the copper foil that was covered with silver soldering lines. According to Morse Museum, with authentic patina lampshades is placed over the silver marked a green which is very difficult to duplicate.


It is easier to detect a fraud than it is to determine authenticity. Check color fastness buy with the help of a cotton swab and a little nail polish remover, if the paint comes off, it’s a scam. Only a trained eye can tell for sure if a lamp shade is original. If you think you have an original, contact Christie’s auction. Both will provide free estimates online, follow their simple tiffany lamp shade instructions.

Tiffany lamp shade,

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