Timeless Elegance Of Italian Ceramic Dinnerware

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Ceramic Dinnerware Reviews

Looking for Italian ceramic dinnerware? That’s not surprising as many who live far from its shores admire the beauty, ambiance and cultivated style of Italy, seeking to bring that aura into their homes. This is especially true of the unique style of Italian dinnerware which is exceptionally colorful, beautifully design and hard-wearing. Buy pieces of Italian dinnerware, care for them properly and you will have heirlooms your descendants will admire.

What are the best varieties of Italian ceramic dinnerware? A number of excellent companies spring to mind. Some of the most famous names in Italian dinnerware are Vietri, Gubbio, Deruta, Artistica, as well as other makers who produce Italian-style dinnerware such as Mikasa and Pfaltzgraff. Each maker has a different story and concentrates on a different style of Italian stoneware and other types of dinnerware.

Vietri, for instance, synonymous with Italian ceramic dinnerware in the U.S., is actually an American company co-found by two American women who, in traveling to Italy fell in love with hand-paint Italian designs and started an import company. Today, Vietri is the largest importer of Italian tabletop items in the U.S., bringing in goods from over 40 manufacturers. Among Vietri’s many offerings are blown glassware, urns, planters, stainless and pewter flatware and more. Part of its mission is to preserve the tradition of craftsmanship and artistry that is uniquely Italian.

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