Trunk Coffee Table Style

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Cute Trunk Coffee Table

While there are many types of coffee tables in market, are not only options when it comes to furnishing your sofa area with a table. Trunk coffee table come in a variety of styles and is available in many different eras. As such, they fit so many different styles of decor and Asian chic and shabby. Paint trunk if you want to match color scheme of your room. One type of paint will cover more rustic look, while several coats of paint will give a little polish. For example, some thick layers of paint bright red or black will give you a lacquered appearance. You could use this type of trunk in Asian-inspired room.

Place a mat on floor underneath to prevent scratching floor. This is important if you have hardwood floors. Some of old trunk coffee table has brass fittings scratch wood, because they are worn with age.

Put it on floor with one of wide sides, flat bottom. This will provide a more robust support from trunks often have buckles and other impediments to prevent laying flat on one side. Consider decorating further by adding some template designs or decoration trunk coffee table. These decorative elements add visual interest to piece, but they are not expensive to do.

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