Two Small Bathroom Glass Shelves

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New Bathroom Glass Shelves Style

Bathroom glass shelves – Bathroom storage is often limited, so having extra shelving is always a plus. Glass plates are very elegant and take up less visual space than solid boards. Small bathroom glass shelves are the perfect place to store functional yet decorative items such as perfumes, lotions and soaps. Use items that too heavy and can be supported by the glass.

Place a small vase of flowers on the top bathroom glass shelves. Arrange flowers Long steal in a thin, tall vase about 8 cm high, and put them on the left side of the top shelf. Group perfume and lotion bottles. Many lotions and perfumes come in decorative containers. Select the most attractive bottles and grouping on the right side of the top shelf. Bottles of different heights look best. Group of the bottles in odd numbers, such as three bottles, with the longest in the back.

Roll washcloths. Although the bathroom glass shelves are small, there is probably room for small washcloths. Roll the washcloth by folding it in half, and then one end of the roll to the other. Do this three washcloths and piling into a small pyramid on the bottom shelf. If there is space, you can place the rolled cloths in a basket or container with the long end of the show washcloths over the top. Place the left of the bottom shelf.

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