Unique Refectory Table

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Black Refectory Table

Refectory table – It is called refectory to the dining room of the monks in the monasteries. It has generally rectangular shape, and is located on the opposite gallery to the church. According to the RAE this word comes from b. lat. Refectories, and this lat. refectus, refection, food. Tables are aligned along the walls. The monks are installed by age range; the table prior, in one end, presides over the others. Meals are developed in silence, broken only by the readings of the Bible they do, usually from a pulpit, by one of the monks.

Usually this room is accessed by the faculty or from the kitchen. Refectory table is a pretty important table as the monks spend much time in it eating dinner or breakfast. It is crucial silence during meals to avoid interrupting the reading of the Bible, so that while the monks gathered feed their bodies with food, feed likewise his soul with the Word of God.

A dining table inspired by the ancient refectory table monasteries. This beautiful refectories table is made ​​with recycled elm wood presonalidad brings to the piece. Wood this beautiful rustic dining table has been dried and has been left untreated so you can appreciate the authentic wood grain.

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