Uses Of Whiskey Barrel Table

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Whiskey Barrel Table Base

Whisky is typically aged in barrels before being bottled and sold. However, whiskey barrels can be used to hold more liquor. Wooden whiskey barrels can be transformed into everyday objects practical and useful as whiskey barrel table, chair, and storage. Whether reuse whiskey barrels for accents home indoors or outdoors, with a little imagination, you can add a rustic touch to your environment. Whiskey barrels can easily be made on stools. When cutting a full sized whiskey barrel in half crosswise and turns upside down, you can sit at the bottom sealed portion.

Use wooden barrels as a closet or a storage trunk. When cutting a single or double door in the whiskey barrel and adding the shelf, you can use the cannon to show items. Another idea for reusing a wooden barrel is making storage a log that is in your hand. Add a country look to your kitchen, dining room or bar area with a whiskey barrel table. You can make a complete medium size table or by placing a pre-cut piece of wood at the top of the barrel. Collect two or more full-size barrels to create a whiskey barrel table and cut a piece of wood on top of the barrels.

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