Wall Mount Shelves In Fascinating Decor

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Corner Wall Mount Shelves

When decorating a wall mount shelves, consider overall style of room. See platform as an extension of a decorating theme, as vintage or rustic. Use shelf for storing useful items or to arrange a collection. If platform is worn or ugly, paint or decorate with ornaments before filling it with treasures.

Use a blank wall mount shelves to display their collectibles and other precious items. Display your artwork framed son, antique dishes, heirlooms, holiday cards or birthday and favorite old books. Place rack in a place where you can easily see pieces ones.

If you have an art room or den empty shelf, they use it to organize your supplies. Fill attractive baskets woven handicrafts such as sewing tools, markers, glue, paint and brushes and place them on shelf; Articles will be on hand, but out of sight. In one study, baskets filled with pens, pencils, tape, staples, paper clips and any other matter relating to work.

Turn a bland wall mount shelves in focal point of room with a few striking elements. Hang a mirror white lacy wrought iron above platform for a shabby chic look. Line platform with silver candelabra filled with candles in white, a glass of vintage blush pink sweetheart roses and filled a bowl full of antique marbles porcelain.

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