What Is A Demilune Console Table?

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Demilune Console Table Antique

Demilune is a word taken from French which literally means “crescent”. Although it has been used to describe many things in a crescent shape from handbags to microbes to the elements of the architecture of fortification, demilune also refers to furniture with design elements crescent. Furniture demilune is essentially crescent-shaped, flat-backed. “A demilune” usually refers to the demilune console table, specifically. These are some tables in a crescent shape designed to be against the wall.

Due to their configurations, crescents are considered a type of console table. Demilune console table is designed to be pushed against the wall and in some cases, brackets and or bolted for further assistance. The typical console table is small, versatile and commonly found near a door or hallway to facilitate convenient access to key / bag / small point of delivery.

Demilune console table is hemispherical therefore generally smaller, with table top half-round, and flat back. It is common for the front apron to be equally half-spherical, following the contour of demilune design. Some designs incorporate a curved area storing variable length. Demilune table usually has three fifty-seven legs; two are on either side of the table, while additional legs spaced equidistantly in the arc.

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