Wonderful Dining Room Table Centerpieces

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Awesome Dining Room Table Centerpieces

For dining room table centerpieces, first, it is important to choose flowers with which you identify more with style of arrangement that most pleases you. In that sense you can opt for a simple vase with a few flowers and green leaves for a wide array base or one of oriental style as ikebana. For a modern twist on traditional single pillar candle dining room table centerpieces, use votive candles. A simple but effective combination is a votive in individual votive holders, arranged on a glass plate. You can add height to centerpiece using holders of different sizes. An alternative candle centerpiece is a single candle on a platter, surrounded by stones Zen-like effect. If you want to tie an existing color scheme, use glass pebbles in their chosen colors, which can be purchased at craft stores.

For a large dining table, a collection of vases makes dramatic, sophisticated dining room table centerpieces. Best of all, it is very quick and easy to do. An eclectic array of vases in different colors, sizes and materials you can work in a room with neutral colors and minimal clutter. A few, thin tall glass vases seem understated and elegant. Play around with arrangement until you are satisfied with it.

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