Wood Heavy Duty Garage Shelving

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Heavy Duty Garage Shelving Style

Wood heavy duty garage shelving – Anyone who thinks a garage only objective is that the house of your car may never have had one. A garage can double as storage, and good heavy garage shelving is a must. Making your own sturdy shelves of wood is a fairly simple task, and you will breathe a sigh of relief when these boards are up and all garage clutter, tools and equipment safely stored.

Mark five 8-foot long level lines along the wall where you want to install the racks. These rules need 24 inches apart, 24 inch boot from the garage floor. Locate the studs in the wall with a stud finder then mark the position of the wall studs at the level rules. Set one of the 8-foot boards on the first level control. This will stretch the first Clang heavy duty garage shelving for your garage. Protect the Clang in place with two drywall screws at each of the points where the wall studs are highlighted. Repeat until there is a cleat on each of the lines of the wall. There must be five of the remaining 8-foot boards.

Plat from the five sheets of plywood, which the boards, flat on the ground. Place one of the 8-foot boards on one side of each flat for a front apron for stiffening the heavy duty garage shelving.

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